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Wild olive oil superfood
Superior extra virgin wild olive oil

About Our Wild Olive Oil

Our wild olive oil is produced from wild olive groves, specially selected to ensure that the oil produced has the highest possible concentrations of the oil's naturally occuring therapeutic ingredients. Our base is a wild olive grove situated in the hamlet of Loziniko, outside Volos on Mount Pelion (known locally as Pilio) in Greece - a Natura 2000 area. We have been in operation since 1998.

To obtain the best possible wild olive oil we time the harvest very carefully and is careful to select only the most healthy olives, which are all harvested by hand. The olives are pressed the same day they are harvested, and they are pressed at the highest quality olive press using a cold press extraction at a temperature ranging from 23 to 25 degrees C.

Our wild olives have been certified as organic by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS and Q&Q Analysis. Tests show zero levels of any synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Due to the high demand for wild olive oil we are now working in cooperation with other wild olive growers in other parts of Greece.

Our wild olive oil has also been awarded the gold award for being an especially high phenolic extra virgin wild olive oil. The award is given by the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards Committee. The latest scientific research indicates that the phenols present in wild olive oil have important anti-cancer properties.

Award-winning Greek olive oil
Wild olive oil quality awards

Wild olive oil - the ultimate superfood

When properly selected, harvested and pressed, wild olive oil contains very high concentrations of two pharmaceutically important substances: Oleocanthal (the chemical that gives the best quality olive oil its peppery taste in the back of the throat) and oleacein. In addition to their anti-oxidant properties, their ability to lower blood cholesterol levels and their strong anti-inflammatory action, oleocanthal has been proven to contribute significantly to brain health and help to prevent Alzheimer's. Research has shown that oleocanthal is able to bind with harmful neurotoxins in a way that stops them attacking neurons and makes it easier for those toxins to be cleared by antibodies. Because of that ability, there is strong evidence that the regular consumption of olive oil rich in oleocanthal can prevent the degradation of the brain tissue that causes Alzheimer's.



One 14-year-long study of 1,880 elderly people in New York found that those taking a high oleocanthal diet had a 40% lower chance of developing Alzhimer's. For more details of the research see Scientific American and ACS Chemical Neuroscience. For a brief summary of the reasearch findings regarding how oleocanthal works see Science Daily.

Research at the Kapodistrian University in Athens, Greece, show that our wild olive oil had the highest concentration of oleocanthal and a very high concentration of oleacein.

Another important chemical in wild olive oil is oleuropein aglycon, which is known to have a cardioprotective, neuroprotective and anti-cancer properties. For research into its ability to cause tumors to regress see NCBI, and for the cardio- and neuro-protective effects of oleuropein aglycon see Science Direct.

Another beneficial chemical found in wild olive oil is ligstroside aglycon, present in our wild olive oil in recent years at world-record levels.

Our wild olive oil has four times more of the therapeutic elements than the average for the best olive oils.

Our olive oil conforms to the highest standards required for pharmaceutical products.

The other benefits of our olive oil

Some of the benefits from the regular consumption of our olive oil are:

a reduction in the harmful blood cholesterol (LDL)

aids the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure and preventing thrombosis

contributes to good bone development in young children by aiding the absorption of calcium

the high concentration of vitamin E helps counteract the effects of ageing

calms the stomach and helps prevent the formation of ulcers or gastroenteritis

the oleic acid in olive oil helps prevent the sort of genetic mutations that can lead to cancer

helps regulate the metabolism and is particularly useful in the treatment of diabetes.

Chemical analysis and quality testing

Each batch of olive oil produced by Olea Sylvestris is tested for its chemical composition and to ensure that the levels of the most important chemical constituents remain consistently high. Click below for the latest analyses and certifications.

Olea Sylvestris oil analysis - Kapodistrian University, Athens - 2017

Olea Sylvestris oil analysis - Kapodistrian University, Athens

TÜV Certificate - Olea Sylvestris Wild Olive Oil

100% natural olive oil, Pelion, Greece

Our associates

Our most important associate is: Prokopios Magiatis - Assistant Professor of pharmacognosy and natural products chemistry in the Kapodistrian University of Athens, who has provided invaluable assistance analysing the Olea Sylvestris oils.

Prokopios Magiatis

Olea Sylvestris, Loziniko, Volos, Greece

Our Products

King & Wild

A small quantity of wild olive oil is bottled by us with the name King & Wild and is available for retail purchase. The oil is a blend of local wild olive varieties, produced at a local oil press working to the highest standards, so that we can offer the highest quality oil each season. King & Wild oil can be delivered to you with payment on delivery.

Click for prices, our King & Wild introductory offer, and photos.

Olea Sylvestris - 100% wild olive oil

Olea Sylvestris wild olive oil is available for wholesale purchase only. It is produced exclusively from of the Olea Europea Sylvestris variety and its guaranteed characteristics are:

  • Traditional organic cultivation
  • Carefully selected wild olive trees
  • Harvested by hand
  • First cold press extraction
  • Highest levels* of oleocanthal and oleacein
  • Oleuropein aglycon*
  • Ligstroside aglycon*
  • Superior extra virgin*
  • Unique, superior taste
  • With strong aroma of olives and wild herbs
  • Silky texture.

* See the official analyses for the specific year for the corresponding values.

Alexandros - extra virgin olive oil

Οrganic cultivation
First cold pressed extraction
Unfiltered bottling.

St John's Wort Oil

From St. John's Wort selected and hand harvested from wild areas (naturally organic) of Pelion, Greece. Made using Olea Sylvestris extra virgin olive oil

Wild Olive Leaves

A new product from our olive grove: Wild olive leaves.


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